Saturday, January 16, 2010

As yet untitled forest piece and yes, it's been way more than a week

So, my plan for posting once a week or so, hasn't worked out well. I'll get better, really.

My latest project is one for a show coming up soon. I ordered 30 yards of fabric, partly for this piece. The fabric came... and I got called in to interpret for the three days. The next day was spent washing and ironing. A couple of years ago, I got caught NOT washing a fabric when I ironed with steam and the color bled. Of course, it was red next to cream, it was in the middle and it was on a commission. I had to tear most of it apart. I learned my lesson.

This piece is about 11 1/2" x 36" and will be in a dark brown wood frame. The photo shows just a section. The orange lines are about 1/16" to 1/8" wide. I'm still thinking of a title. It's representing a forest, mostly greens with bits of red and orange. Any ideas?