Saturday, April 3, 2010

Co-op show, Fidalgo Island Quilters

Hi all,

The last couple of weeks I've been finishing up pieces for a local co-op show of 27 artists. This is a great show for the month of April. We're set up in a local winery, next to the tasting room. (Tulip Valley Winery & Orchard, Mount Vernon, WA)I have lots of new bags and a few new wall pieces. The first photo is of Azzurro, 6x6", hand painted silk and free hand machine quilting. (Teeny tiny quilting)

This weekend was also the Fidalgo Island Quilters biennial quilt show. More than 350 quilts and wearables were displayed. I had two quilts, a jacket and two bags displayed. Blueberry Dream (jacket) and Tokyo (evening bag)are here. I'll share more later.


  1. Ah, you've been a busy girl! I really love Azzurro. I don't know how you have the patience for that teeny intricate work. It makes me think of the surf bubbling up on the beach--a very warm tropical beach. Ummm, warm tropical beach--that sounds lovely.

    I can't complain though. Our weather has been warm and sunny. Kit and Teresa and Sydney and I spent some time on the deck soaking up the sun and Sydney worked on perfecting her stair climbing. We're planning on grilling burgers tomorrow--not traditional Easter fare, but we are welcoming back the warmth.

  2. I'm not patient, as you well know. I'm really good at going in circles, usually chasing my tail. Much more interesting when the circles are on silk.

    My parents came for lunch, very traditional. Ham, au gratin potatoes, spinach salad and blackberry crisp. And, too bad you missed it, pickled asparagus.

    I wish we could have been there to cheer Sydney on with her workout.