Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Everett Home & Gift show

Hi all,

A week ago, I spent three days at the Everett Home & Gift show at the Comcast arena. My first three day show. I'm not sure of the numbers, but I heard 400 vendors, about 20 were artists grouped together. Lots of people, but I still had time to meet with my neighbors a bit.

Now, I'm gearing up for Best of the Northwest. http://www.nwartalliance.com/events/Fall_2010_Best_of_the_Northwest/ I haven't attended this event, but I've heard only good things about it. At Gal-aPalooza, I talked with another artist who has done BNW before. I asked her for any advice. She looked at my work, smiled and said, "Bring lots of inventory!" Great encouragement! So, back to making stuff! The satin bag here is "Night on the Town - Aruba"

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  1. Beautiful bag! I went to the Best of the Northwest website and looks like you'll be in some good company. Those are the kind of events to get in--hopefully the crowd will bring lots of money! I am picturing you right now with your sewing machine whirring, smoke rising from the hot machine, fabric pieces strewn all around, and Brian and Rogan carefully peeking in occasionally to see if you need a snack. Hopefully you have plenty of stuff in the freezer for dinners, but as long as you have plenty of PB&J you're in good shape.