Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stitched scarves

Recently, I shared a booth at the Best of the Northwest juried art show in Seattle. It was quite an event with 250 artists of all types of media. Lots of people coming through to explore and shop. Above are some of the scarves I've been making with strips of strips of silk, yarn and lots and lots of thread to create one of a kind fabrics, some solid and some lacy. My last order of thread had enough miles to stretch to about 130 miles. Yes, I did the math.
One of the great things about doing these shows is meeting other artists. And making trades. The woman I shared a booth with makes wonderful felted wool hats. (www.waterscolors.com) I now have a snazzy charcoal hat, a bit upscaled from my myriad baseball caps. I also traded for an original painting from Karen Watson ( www.karenpwatson.blogspot.com )

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