Friday, August 10, 2012

Studio Tour 2012

 My studio only looks like this during the studio tour. Visit any other time of year and it looks as if a fabric and yarn store exploded. The dogs trail bits of fabric to the rest of the house, mostly on their feet, occasionally on their backs if they walk by my cutting table at just the right time. And, never walk through barefoot, as I drop pins all the time. A swipe over the floor with a magnetic pincushions picks them up easily. Just not often.

This is my fourth year on the Skagit Artists Together annual studio tour. Beautiful weather brought a lot of people out to explore the art of 23 artists spread out through the county. And, having a deadline for garden improvements means they actually happen, like adding a new patio. (right) The floor is made from the garage floor that a neighbor was replacing. I worked on inventory, my husband worked on lugging 8" thick pieces of concrete into place. (thank you, Brian)


  1. I've never seen your studio look like that, that's for sure!! Good that you had nice weather and could expand outside. I like the patio area! With a few more studio tours you'll have that garden whipped into shape.

    You might want to consider taking word verification off of your blog. Since they changed it to captcha there has been a lot of chatter from people about how very annoying it is, and many people will not leave comments if there's word verification. I took it off of mine and haven't had any problems with spam, etc.

  2. OK - We will give it a try. :-)