Thursday, June 10, 2010

La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum

I haven't been posting, but I have been working and connecting. I have been honored to be asked to join the Board of Directors at the La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum. ( This is an incredible place held together be an even more incredible group of people. I'm eager to contribute, but I'm also eager to learn from these folks! I'm also now represented at Scott Milo Gallery in Anacortes. They will carry my handbags and journals through the summer. "Cascade" is piece I've donated to the Museum of Northwest Art's annual auction next weekend. The pieces shown are Cascade, Night on the Town - Jakarta, Budapest.


  1. Wow you've been a very busy girl! Congrats on your appt. to the Bd. of Directors. Andi, your work is beautiful.

  2. Good going, girl! I'm glad to see you are keeping busy.

    I really love Cascade. I look at it and see the cascading water, and the trees around it, and beautiful serenity, and the birds chirping--oh, wait, maybe those birds are in the trees in my yard. At any rate, I hope it goes for a lot of money! But if for some strange reason it doesn't sell, it would look lovely hanging on a wall in Alaska.....