Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fresh Paint Festival

Fresh Paint is held at the Everett Marina. Great event! The staff and volunteers were all enthusiastic, even in the bit of rain one morning. It was so busy that it took me three hours to eat my sandwich on both days. I brought my sewing machine to do demos and that was a great draw and talking point. Some people said they were inspired to dig out their own machines and sew again and several that asked me to start classes. Great ego boosting couple of days of people enjoying art. Now, back to earth, back to work planning for the next big thing. In the next two months, I have four shows!


  1. Good work, girl! Your display looks lovely, and taking a sewing machine along was a good idea. Now, back to work. And we're back to goofing off....

  2. Andi, your booth is so colorful and richly textured, I'm sure it draws people like bees to flowers. And demonstrating is always a good draw, and inspiring to folks as well. Good luck with FOUR more shows coming up ... I see burning the midnight oil in your future! But have fun, too. . . . BTW, I'm loving my purses and getting lots of attention for them, and giving out your website address, too. :-) --- Marcy Weinbeck ---