Monday, September 12, 2011

Anacortes Art Festival and Art at the Port

A few months ago, a committee with the Anacortes Arts Festival (Washington state) asked several textile artists in the Skagit Valley community to each create a piece of art that would be displayed together as a banner. The banner welcomes people to the Art at the Port fine art exhibition of the three day festival, one of the largest in the Pacific Northwest. Each year more pieces will be added. My piece is on the far left banner, in the middle. I have a close up picture...hiding somewhere in my virtual file folder.


  1. Very cool!! So am I understanding right, they will keep this banner and hang it every year?

  2. Yes, they'll keep it and ask additional artists to contribute each year. This was the 50th anniversary year, so it was an additional celebration of that. They've attached magnets to the back of each 14" square, so the individual pieces can be stored safely from year to year.